Dog/Cat Food (Wild Kaua’i Chicken)

100% raw* dog/cat food made from ground up wild Kaua’i chickens. It includes the whole bird –  all the organs, feathers, etc, are in there. Pets love it! How is it made? Local wild chickens—killed as quickly and humanely as possible—are dipped several times in boiling water to sterilize. Then the entire chicken is put through an industrial meat grinder 4 times until it is of a hamburger-like consistency.


The raw dog/cat food comes frozen in a sausage tube. Please keep frozen until ready to use, defrost in your refrigerator and use within 2 days.


Cost: $5 per lb (one sausage tube). Minimum order is 5 lbs. E-mail for more information:


*Please check with your vet to see if a raw food diet is right for your pets.