Aloha & Welcome, Fellow Locavores!

We are an Organic farm on Kaua’i. All of our produce is grown with organic seeds and organic and sustainable farming methods.
Our free-range happy hens are fed organic feed and plenty of organic produce scraps.
A True Leaf is defined as “the foliage leaf of a plant, as opposed to a seed leaf or cotyledon.” For farmers, this True Leaf is the first important leaf. When a seedling sprouts, there are often two sets of leaves that will sprout first, resembling a four-leaf clover. A few days later, a third single leaf will emerge that doesn’t look like the first two. This is the first true leaf and it signifies that the plant is ready to be transplanted, thinned, etc. For us, it also means farming in a way that is true to the best intentions for the earth and our community.
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